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What if last night you went to sleep in your own bed and tomorrow you woke up and your nightmare was about to become real? 

Still reeling from her brother’s disappearance more than a year ago, Grace Hunter yearns to regain some sense of normalcy. Plagued with constant nightmares and reminders of her loss, she struggles to move on. 

But all that changes when a cryptic text, sent from her brother ROBBIE HUNTER’S phone, makes her second guess everyone and everything. A text that gives her directions that she has to choose to follow.

Torn between hope and reality, Grace must choose to blindly trust her brother’s instructions, or face the coming darkness alone. 

​The Wanting had a private premiere for over 200 people and the reviews where overwhelming! People are in love with the characters and story line and are excited to see where we go next with this film. We are now entered in flim festivals across the United States and are in process of developing the idea for a series on Netflix or Amazon.